Imagine being able to hear the light and warm Indian rhythms and taste various unusual vegetarian dishes in the hustle and bustle of Riga. Did you know that restaurant "Rama" is the only completely vegetarian restaurant in Riga? Skilled chefs offer you both first and second meals and snacks made only from vegetables, soya and dairy products.

The menu best describes our restaurant: Bengali sabji with breadcrumbs (stewed vegetables with spices and cottage cheese) or kichari (peas, rice and vegetables), original salads, both ordinary and exotic, various snacks, patties, vegetable cutlets, etc. tml.

You can taste: pizza, stromboli and gutabi (Spanish and Georgian patties with filling), unusual desserts, both European and oriental sweets, which will be a great addition to the meal.

The restaurant also offers: a large selection of teas (Yoga teas deserve special attention - healing, prophylactic, invigorating and soothing), freshly squeezed juices, traditional Indian yoghurt drink "lassi", which quenches thirst and refreshes in the summer heat better than any other drink.

Are you ready to discover the unusual, rich and varied taste of vegetarian cuisine?